Price : 2250€ Ex VAT 

The Chubanga v2 is the complete balance between upwind/downwind speed and stability .Design to perform in any condition of wind and water, his low drag provide top speed at the deepest angle.

The chubanga v2 is ready to race, hand built and prepare by luca filippi himself, each foil is a master piece of carbon.


Shipping in Europe included

Foil pack include : 1 Mast / 1 Glider / Cover / Screws

Price : 1100€ Ex VAT 

With this new flat wing, the chubanga has now a percing ability ! Cut the water and breach the tips without suffer of any consequences !

Very stable and easy to handle, the V2 allow you to push hard on your legs, reaching incredible angle and speed.

Weight : 1.0 kg
Lenght : 59 cm
Front wing span : 69 cm
Stabilizer span : 39 cm


Glider in pool
MAST v2 
Price : 1200€ Ex VAT 

Built for stiffness and racing, the v2 mast do not suffer of any ventilation with the new construction. The head of the mast is Standard Deep Tuttle, compatible to v1 wing, and can be cut horizontal on demand at 43mm.

According to the position of the straps, chubanga's hydrofoil could be used with tuttle from 14 to 20cm as far as you place your back straps (front screw) just over the mast (back screw of the mast)

Weight : 2.1 kg
Lenght : 110cm


Chubanga connexion
Mast close up chubanga
The v2 glider chubanga foil