ENG - MARIO, interview after European Championship

What’s your general feeling/mood after this competition?

I loved my first race with chubanga v3. My felling was so good, super-fast and with a very good upwind. Unfortunately some mistake and bad luck in last races.

What do you think about the new format, seem you paid an hard tribute because of protest?

The new format is very interesting. I think the positive thing it's the results can change a lot during the regatta

You are the main guy behind the test and development of v3, what’s your feedback after this competition? What was the behavior of your v3 in this kind of condition? How do you deal with seaweed?

I was really surprised about the performance of v3 compared with others hydrofoil. I think the V3 it's a very balanced hydrofoil for all conditions. i hate seaweed. You have to jump, jump and jump. also with chubanga, unfortunately still does not make miracles luca

What are your tips to setup the v3 to optimized performance or feeling?

One of my tips it's to reduce angle using a sheet of 0.4mm

Axel and nico both on Ozone/Chubanga, Benoit on Fone/chubanga.. you are on FS/Chubanga combo.. Can you tell us more about your combo, advantage or disadvantage, angle, etc ?

With flysurfer i have a better performance upwind than the other combo. So i can decide to start wherever i want on the start line

Do you take part to mixed relay? Who is your partner ?

I will be at the Italian championship during the same period of mixed relay

What’s the best speed (2sec, 100, 500m) you reached with v3 ?

You can find my best speed result on the chubanga Facebook page

Last word?

You have to try it!

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