Feedback Chubanga v2

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

In 2019 we work a lot ! let see what custommers say about us

A.A : "Amazing product, perfect packaging, next race the week-end Engie Kite Tour 😜 Great job Luca Filippi👏"

M.P : " Finally got my v2 ride on! Tuttle 170mm from rail & rear hole screw in foil (front fixing of rear strap) to back hole screw in front strap=65cm. Here at my local waiheke New Zealand middle of Winter -cold Gusty 15-18kts & lumpy seas. First impressions. Much more glide thrue Tack & at slower speed than my Bullet 2. Can push harder without it decavitating. Can go slower & it doesn’t loose laminar flow & stall. Is a bit lighter in the front foot so need to keep weight back a bit more in transitions. & responds very well to back foot heel pressure going up wind. feels like a stiffer fabrication & can handle my 95kg better than my ML2. Likes to ride high downwind Luca you have made an amazing foil! Thank you so much

:) "

G.P : " Merci pour ta disponibilité et tes conseils Merci aussi pour ce chubanga V2 qui est vraiment fabuleux " B.K : "Chubanga V2. A very solid ride and an excellent support from Luca. Thank you! 2 thumbs 👍🏼👍🏼 " L.V : " I have the board it is amazing. Very nice 👍 " G.A : " I just got the board and foil, as Leon said, it Is a amazing combo, quality of craftsmanship, detail, and it is solid! " W.B : " Gracie Chubanga! Another great weekend racing with the friends... 4 chubs in top 6....boom! "

L.R : "Merci à Luca Filippi pour c'est super foil et toujours à l'écoute de c'est client 😉 "

Z.H : " Luca Filippi is No. 1! 🥇🏆 And quality compare to ML is much better! "

P.M : " Congratz Luca Filippi , for sure no other foil designer gives so much attention to its clients "

J.R : "lucas is perfect for everything nothing to say . very good for taking care of is custummer i love it . thank s for every thing lucas keep going like this u perfect."

S.R : " I love this foil .limits come from me not from the foil. I feel very secure with it over 30 knots. Upwind and downwind become a real playground. As said above, the aftermarket service is beyond any expectation. Thx Luca for your attention."

A.F : The first foil of race with which I felt the most calm at more than 30 knots. Very easy in maneuvers and in all gears and in all wind forces. Luca is very efficient and pro

P.K: « Superior quality, flexible schelude and excellent facilities »

B.L : «Top of the line build quality and impeccable customer service. I recently switched over from a plate mount system to tuttle, and have messaged Luca with lots of questions. He has always responded within 30 minutes, usually within 10 minutes, and is very patient. No other custom foil maker is this helpful. »

J.M « Made by a good friend »

K.D: « Perfect built quality, stable like a train, very very fast and safe in the same time, early planning, easy for transitions, no roll, no pitch, no yaw. A fantastic foil! Luca cares for his clients, providing all necessary technical tips for foil care!! »

Z.H: « Fast, stable, light and strong hydrofoil! Quality made! In 10 knots of wind no problem going 30knots! ? AND if you damage it, Luca can repair it! »

L.V: « Very easy to contact and get a reply on my questions. »

Y.C: « Top ! La Glisses est pure »

JP.D : « 2e sortie avec mon chubanga, j'ai pris encore plus de vitesse »

J.G: « Today I got on Chubanga V2. Miracle performance! ! The vibration I feel with Levitas is zero. super easy tack jibe down♫ »

S.K : "I'm sooooo happy with the V2 you can't belive"

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