We are pleased to announce that the new Chubanga v3 is around the corner!


If you are an owner of Chubanga’s hydrofoil, want to reach 40 knots or looking for the new Masterpiece of carbon, V3 is for you !

Starting from the feedback of all customer on V2, we develop this foil with Mario Calbucci and others riders to get the fastest hydrofoil on the market.


We kept the Chubanga’s spirit in this foil, the perfect balance between stability and aggressive speed and angle, it’s fast and addictive. We also improve rigidity with new construction and new mast/fuselage connection.

Yes, you can push it over 40knots !

Release date of the Chubanga v3 is mid may (Depending of the Covid-19), PRE-ORDER START NOW !  Send us an email at for more information and pre-order.


Features :


- New construction of the glider and mast

- New profile

- New mast/fuselage connection

- IKA approved (pending)

- + 40 knots hydrofoil

More informations soon !

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