Price : 2670€* without VAT (+17%) 

*Covers protection included, shipping excluded

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If you want to reach +40knots or you are looking for the a masterpiece of carbon, Chubanga v3 is for you !

We started from the feedback we received from all our customers on the V2 and we developed this foil with Mario Calbucci and others riders to get the fastest hydrofoil on the market. In association with  fluid4engineering, all the part of this foil were studied and designed with the goal of the best hydrodynamic performance, reduce the drag, avoid ventilation and optimised the performance.

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We kept the Chubanga’s spirit in this new foil, the perfect balance between stability and aggressive speed and angle. It’s fast and addictive. We also improve the stiffness with a new construction and the new mast/fuselage connection. This known design allow to trim the stabilizer's angle of attack.

 All our Chubanga are ready to race, hand built, sanded and finished by

Luca Filippi himself, it’s Art !

Price : 1350€* without VAT (+17%)

*Covers protection included, shipping excluded

V3 is agressive, always want to accelerate, push further at upwind, and deep at downwind. We have reduced very slightly the stability to gain in speed, and we managed to keep the chubanga’s spirit, accessible and easy to handle.

Weight : 1040 g
Total lenght : 59.0 cm
Front wing span : 70,2cm
Stabilizer span : 38,2 cm

Price : 1450€* without VAT (+17%)

*Covers protection included, shipping excluded

Built for top speed and rigidity, we decided to keep 106cm of mast and to change glider’s connection. This means that v2 and v3 aren’t compatible anymore.

Weight : 2040 g
Lenght : 106 cm